Welcome to my Webpage!

I'm Joseph Vaughn and I am currently a Senior Consultant for Infosys. I graduated from IUPUI in 2019 for a Bachelor's of Computer Science. I am willing to learn many different scopes within the field of Computer Science, primarily focused on Software Engineering, Web Development, Data Analytics, and Database Administration but I am not shy from looking into other careers. I keep myself occupied by practicing new technologies, especially designing applications with the Angular and React frameworks.


My major skills are listed below however I'm constantly try to keep up to date with current programming standards.

  • Web Development
  • BlockChain
  • Fullstack Developer
  • Database Design
  • Senior Consultant
  • Algorithm Analsys

A Few Accomplishments

Shortly after Graduating from IUPUI, I obtained my first job at Infosys!

Received Bachelor's of Computer Science in 2019

For IUPUI's course work I primarily focused on Software Engineering, Algorithm Analsys, OOP, and Front/Backend Web Development. I also took a few courses in Cyber Security!

Started to Work for Infosys in 2019

I started to work for Infosys August 2019. For the first two months, we were required to onboard in a bootcamp that demonstrated the fundamentals of Fullstack Development using Angular and Java Springboot to create a shopping application similar to Amazon. Using these skills, I contributed to the companies local website portal for the Indianapolis Office where both Consultants and Clients are capable of contacting each other while Consultants are in search for projects. Shortly after, I was apart of the BlockChain unit doing primarily research using the Java framework Corda. I designed a UX Prototype for a Pharmaceutical client using Angular for the frontend while using Angular Material for formatting. The backend used the Corda framework to utilize the BlockChain fundamentals.

Defeated Kel'Thuzad in Classic World of Warcraft 2021

I had to have something fun! I've been playing Classic World of Warcraft since it's Launch, and my guild Small Green Pouch from Whitemane successfully killed Kel'Thuzad, the final boss in the end-game raid on February 28th. I play a Gnome Warlock and am eagerly waiting to play Classic Burning Crusade with my guild!


Feel free to download my Resume!